Hassan Sheikh

Fintech SEO/content writer

You want someone who gets fintech and content. That someone is me.

Tl;dr - I've done this before. I understand financial concepts. You don't need to manage me. You'll get the best value for money.

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If you're a FinTech startup looking for SEO content support, you've come to the right place.

My name is Hassan and I'm a search engine marketing pro (sempro) who's focused on creating search engine friendly content for...well... you guessed it: FinTechs!

Why should you work with me? I have 8+ years of experience working at and with financial services firms, marketing/PR firms, and tech startups (specifically, FinTech/PropTech).

I graduated in commerce (business) in 2013 and by 2017 was working as a Senior Consultant at a Big4 firm helping global financial institutions with risk & compliance.

I was burnt out and in need of a change. I understood accounting and finance, but couldn't see myself doing it my entire career. I always enjoyed writing, and so - I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue a new career in marketing.

To make that shift and upgrade my skills, I got accepted into one of the world's top marketing programs and haven't looked back ever since.

Over the last 4+ years, I have led marketing teams, worked on freelance projects with FinTechs, and picked up a ton of technical & non-technical skills.

And now, I want to help you.

If you choose to work with me, you won't just get a writer. You'll get a partner who will take the time to understand your business, offer proactive solutions to achieve your goals, and provide more overall value than the typical wordsmith.

At this time, I'm offering SEO content writing services because I research and write fast - that's the truth.

However, I understand digital marketing more holistically and have all the following skills that I am happy to advise on for free if we work together on an an engagement:

  • Content writing using SEO principles

  • E-books

  • Keyword Research

  • Tracking & Analytics

  • Marketing Automations

  • Email Marketing/Drip Campaigns/Newsletters

  • Google Ads/Facebook Ads

  • Building Websites (Content & Design)

  • Sales Pipeline Management

  • Sales Scripts

  • Press Releases

  • Event management

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I work hand-in-hand with you to come up with a keyword and content strategy to ensure that you get what you need at a cadence that makes sense for your business.

I'll arrange weekly or bi-weekly meetings to talk analytics, discuss distribution channels, gather feedback, and plan ahead so that we're never left wondering what to write about next.

Payments are upfront. However, if you're not satisfied after working together for a month, I'll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Number of articles per monthWords per articlePrice per month (USD)
41,000 - 1,500$1,199
81,000 - 1,500$1,999
121,000 - 1,500$2,699


SEO is a long-term game and should be viewed as such. The earlier you start, the better it is. Over time, you want to reduce your reliance on variable marketing spend (i.e., ads) in favour of content that is interesting and useful to your audience. The more we do that, the lower your Cost of Acquisition will be.

If you're a FinTech ready to get discovered through great content and want to lower marketing spend over the long term, I'd love to help you.

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